Consumer Price Indices and Inflation Rates for April 2018

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics hereby releases monthly Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and rates of inflation, for April, 2018. These numbers were generated by conducting a survey of retail prices for a basket of household consumption goods and services, during the second and third weeks of the month under review. The prices were obtained from selected retail outlets in 25 data collection zones spread across Nairobi and 13 other urban centers.

The CPI increased by 1.35 per cent from 190.62 in March 2018 to 193.18 in April 2018. The overall year on year inflation stood at 3.73 per cent in April 2018. 

Economic Survey 2018 Launched

Kenya’s economy is estimated to have expanded by 4.9 per cent in 2017 compared to a revised growth of 5.9 per cent in 2016. The slowdown in the performance of the economy was partly attributable to uncertainty associated with a prolonged electioneering period coupled with adverse effects of weather conditions. Generally, key macroeconomic indicators largely remained stable and therefore supportive of growth in 2017. Interest rates declined due to the impact of their capping that became effective in September 2016.

In the money market, the Kenyan Shilling strengthened against most of the major trading currencies but weakened against the Euro and the US Dollar in 2017. The current account deficit widened in the year under review on account of significant growth of imports against a slower growth of exports. There was a moderate build up in inflationary pressures mainly due to significant increase in oil and food prices during the year under review. Consequently, inflation rate rose from 6.3 per cent in 2016 to 8.0 per cent in 2017.

Performance across the various sectors of the economy varied widely, with Accommodation and Food services; Information and Communication Technology; Education; Wholesale and Retail trade; and Public Administration registering accelerated growths in 2017 compared to 2016. On the other hand, growths in Manufacturing; Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing; and Financial and Insurance decelerated significantly over the same period and therefore dampened the overall growth in 2017.


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Producer Price Index First Quarter 2018

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics hereby releases the Producer Price Index (PPI) for the first quarter of 2018. Producer Price Index measures the gross changes in the trading price of products on the domestic and non-domestic markets, at all stages of processing.

The price changes are measured from the perspective of the producer. The producer prices are collected as at 15th February, 15th May, 15th August and 15th November of the year. These dates correspond to the first, second, third and fourth quarters of the year, respectively.

The Producer Price Indices are grouped according to the International Standards of Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev 4. As shown in Figure 1, the first quarter year on year overall producer inflation was 1.53 per cent in March 2018 compared to 3.38 per cent recorded in March 2017.

The overall producer prices increased by 0.29 per cent from December 2017 to March 2018 while the ‘year on year’ inflation was 1.53 per cent. Over the last one year, the highest increase was on manufacture of wood and of products of wood which rose by 8.61 per cent followed by manufacture of chemicals and chemical products which increased by 8.31 per cent. However, during the same period water, manufacture of non-metallic products and manufacture of rubber and plastic products declined by 11.89, 3.11 and 2.11 per cent, respectively. 


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