The overall year on year inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 7.1 per cent, in May 2022. As presented in Tables 1 and 2, the rise in inflation was mainly due to increase in prices of commodities under; food and non-alcoholic beverages (12.4 per cent); furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance (7.9 per cent); transport (6.4 per cent) and housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (6.0 per cent) between May 2021 and May 2022. Read More

Film Industry Satellite Account Survey (FISA 2022)

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics on behalf of the Kenya Film Commission is carrying out a film industry satellite account survey (FISA 2022). The survey’s purpose is to collect data necessary for the development of film industry satellite accounts. Data from the survey will also be used to determine the contribution of the film industry to Kenya’s economy

The specific objective of FISA is to determine the economic contribution of Kenya’s film industry to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In order to achieve this, FISA will establish a framework for estimating

  1.         The revenue/output/turnover generated in the film industry.
  2.         The value addition-Gross Value added in the film industry.

 The level of investment in the film industry i.e., gross capital formation/fixed assets

  1.         The wage employment and type of jobs generated by the film industry in Kenya.
  2.         Earnings by those employed in the film industry

The Survey runs from 9th May to 24th June 2022.

Construction Input Price Indices for First Quarter 2022

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics hereby releases Construction Input Price Indices (CIPI) for the first quarter of 2022. The CIPI comprises of the Building Cost Indices, Civil Engineering Cost Indices and the Overall Construction Cost Indices as shown in tables 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The indices are generated from price data collected from representative sample of outlets of construction materials. The data is collected quarterly with reference to the 15th day of the mid-month of the quarter. Read More

Kenya Household Master Sample Frame (K-HMSF) Development

As the Principal Government agency mandated to collect official statistics, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) maintains sampling frames. It is from these sampling frames that samples are scientifically drawn for participation in surveys. Data collected from these surveys is used for evidence-based policy formulation and monitoring.

One of these sampling frames is the Kenya Household Master Sample Frame (K-HMSF) which is created after conducting a Population and Housing Census. Following completion of the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census, KNBS has began the process of creating a new sampling frame. The frame will be based on the Enumeration Areas (EAs) used during the 2019 Population and Housing Census.

The Master Sample Frame is developed in stages. KNBS is developing Phase 2 of the Frame, and calls on your support in this undertaking in providing employees access to the enumeration areas. The exercise will be conducted by a team of KNBS employees, whose names and ID numbers will be indicated in letters signed by the KNBS County Statistical Officers. The research teams will be accompanied by Village Elders. Data collection began on 12th May and will run for 73 days in the entire country. This is a national exercise.

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