KNBS Mandate

(1) The Bureau shall be the principal agency of the Government for collecting, analysing and disseminating statistical data in Kenya and shall be the custodian of official statistical information.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Bureau shall be responsible for—

(a) planning, authorising, co-ordinating and supervising all official statistical programmes undertaken within the national statistical system;

(b) establishing standards and ensuring the use of best practices and methods in the production and dissemination of statistical information across the national statistical system;

(c) collecting, compiling, analyzing, abstracting and disseminating statistical information on the matters specified in the First Schedule;

(d) conducting the Population and Housing Census every ten years, and such other censuses and surveys as the Board may determine;

(e) maintaining a comprehensive and reliable national socio-economic database.

(f) developing and maintaining sampling frames of the Bureau;

(g) collaborating with and assisting the county governments or any other institutions in the production of official statistics;

(h) providing technical advice on statistics to other state entities;

(i) promoting co-ordination among producers, users and suppliers of official statistics by forming appropriate sector committees; and

(j) designating statistics produced by national statistical system as official statistics on being satisfied that the necessary criteria have been followed.

Download Statistics Act 2006: Statistics Act 4 of 2006 (Revised Edition 2019)

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