New Record of Lotto Winners In Kenya

For some reasons, the number of lottery players in Kenya is growing larger in the latest years. It seems that more people in Kenya find lotteries and raffle games interesting or, somehow, appealing. Surely, the fact that lotteries offer great jackpots and second prizes attracts a lot of players.

Statistics about the number of regular and occasional lottery players in Kenya suggest that this trend is going to increase and that we should expect more players of lotto and lotteries in the next 5 years.

This record in the number of lottery players who won a jackpot speaks itself about the volume of the lotto-mania in Kenya.

Reasons To Play Lotteries

First off, we should wonder why so many people decide to play a lottery. Commonly, experts say that the reasons to try and play a lotto game are always the same, no matter if you are a player in Kenya, in the USA or in Japan.

The psychological reasons that leads you to lottery games are basically the same, no matter what cultural background you might have. In fact, the first reason to try a lottery game is the jackpot: anyone wants to improve their financial conditions, sometimes even those people who are already wealth.

The second important reason is that instinctively most people tend to play games to win: it’s not really how much you win, rather than the fact that you are participating the game.

Don’t Forget Online Lotteries!

Thirdly, a new reason to play lottery games is that today you can find a really amazing range of possibilities and ways to play lotteries. In fact, there are excellent platforms and portals in the web that offer the most popular and important lotteries and lotto games.

The internet is possibly the easiest tool you can have at an easy reach: that’s why all goes in the web comes around! Lottery games are extremely easy to access through , which is one of the most important online portals for lotto games.

Icelotto offers some of the world’s most played and important lotteries and lottos of all times. Check out Mega Millions or learn to play Powerball: today, on Icelotto you can find all the basic game rules and game options you need to enjoy a perfectly positive lottery experience.

A Complete Range Of Games

On Icelotto you can easily access all the available games in the Icelotto’s list. All you need to do is to create your personal account and add your method of payment, so you can buy online tickets and participate to your favorite lotteries’ draws.

Tickets on Icelotto are available at the same offline price and you can even think to buy tickets for a foreign lottery. Have fun and try European lotteries like Euro Jackpot or the UK National Lottery on Icelotto.

The other games in the range of Icelotto are SuperEnalotto from Italy, El Gordo from Spain, La Primitiva from Spain and Loteria Nacional from Spain, Euro Millions from EU and many more games.

Icelotto offers players of lottery games a great and free tool: the generator of random numbers. This tool offers you the chance of getting instant sets of numbers to play for your tickets. Ach set of numbers is playable only once and if you want more sets, you can click again on the generator tool’s button.  

Leading Economic Indicators September 2015


The Leading Economic Indicators for the month of September 2015 highlights trends in Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, international trade, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, building and construction, tourism and transport.
Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased from 160.90 points in August 2015 to 161.33 points in September 2015. The overall rate of inflation increased from 5.84 per cent to 5.97 per cent during the same period. In September 2015, the Kenyan Shilling appreciated against the South African Rand and the Tanzanian shilling while depreciating against the other currencies.
The average yield rate for the 91-day Treasury bills, which is a benchmark for the general trend of interest rates, increased from 11.54 per cent in August 2015 to 14.00 per cent in September 2015. Similarly, the inter-bank rates rose to 21.24 per cent in September 2015.
The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) 20 share index contracted slightly from 4,176 points in August 2015 to 4,173 points in September 2015, while the total number of shares traded decreased substantially from 734 million to 434 million shares during the same period. The total value of NSE shares traded contracted from KSh 20.79 billion in August 2015 to KSh 14.38 billion in September 2015.
Broad money supply (M3), a key indicator for monetary policy formulation contracted from KSh 2,570.45 billion in August 2015 to KSh 2,568.66 billion in September 2015. Gross Foreign Exchange Reserves decreased from KSh 948.94 billion in August 2015 to KSh 916.03 billion in September 2015. Net Foreign Exchange Reserves declined from KSh 406.60 billion to KSh 391.39 billion over the same period.Download Leading Economic Indicators September 2015

Monetary & Financial Services – A Dramatic Online Growth

Governments in the world are always focused on economy, finance and banking services. Actually, these 3 facets of the monetary sector represent three ways to social growth and overall national wealth.

Statistic bureaus in the world analyze data coming from banks and financial institutes, the goal is to define the economic situation and to find new ways for a national economic improvement.

Importance Of Financial Services

In recent years, the sector of online financial services has been growing larger and larger. This impressive growth is due not only to a personal choice by customers of using online financial services rather than an offline ones, but it’s also due to an expansion of technologies and advanced systems operating in the financial world that make everything easier for customers.

Today, you can find in the internet even more diversified financial services than in the real life:

  • Loans of all types at better rates
  • Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards
  • Investments and other financial actions in the global markets
  • Wide range of payment options and providers

PT Unified Trade – A Great Payment Provider

It’s not easy to find a skilled team of dedicated and well educated professionals who work at your service like the team of PT Unified Trade.Online payment methods

The team of PT Unified Trade is made of experienced professionals in different sectors, including internet security systems, payment management, financial investments, account opening and account management, fraud detection and prevention.

Companies or platforms in the internet that deal with online payments should always pay special attention to the type of online payment options they offer to their clientele. Today, numerous transactions are, actually, processed via internet and security is a critical point when it comes to financial details.

That’s why PT Unified Trade works to offer companies of all types in the world the most advanced security systems for payments. Companies will benefit from safe transactions and 360-degree protection of their customers’ details, whilst the latter will also take advantage from a safe environment and verified transactions, knowing that third parties cannot interfere with their payments/withdrawals.

Economic Fraud – PT Unified Trade’s Role

As said, one of the priorities at PT Unified Trade is to provide a wide clientele the best protection in financial transactions and payments that take place in the internet. This is not all, though.

Actually, the team of expert professional at PT Unified Trade works also with a view to fight against all economic frauds.

The following points are the main goals for PT Unified Trade concerning financial frauds in the internet:

  • Education: PT Unified Trade invest much effort in educating and warning clients about frauds
  • Providing 100% safe payment systems: clients at PT Unified Trade are companies in the travel & tourism industry, all investment fields, insurance and banking sectors. Each of these companies work with online payments/deposits/investments and returns.

Online PT Unified Trade Reviews

PT Unified Trade is a verified and regulated company and it’s one of the world’s most relevant payment provider.

Numerous online PT Unified Trade reviews do also confirm the excellence of the security systems developed by the team of PT Unified Trade and available for different types of companies. The clientele of PT Unified Trade is, in fact, really diversified and it includes a large number of western companies/firms from Europe and North America.


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