Macroeconomic Statistics Directorate

The Directorate has the following functions:-

(i) collect, analyze and disseminate macroeconomic statistics;
(ii) maintain up to date macroeconomic statistics databases;
(iii) coordinate and supervise of all statistical production activities related to the macroeconomic statistics;
(iv) provide technical advice on methodologies related to macroeconomic statistics to other directorates in accordance with international standards;
(v) generate indicators for monitoring economic performance;
(vi) provide technical advice that relates to macroeconomic statistics on collection and compilation quality of data to Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs);
(vii) monitor the quality of data from Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs) that relates to macroeconomic statistics;
(viii) provide statistical data to international and regional agencies that Kenya is party to;
(ix) strategic planning and effective production and management of macroeconomic statistics;
(x) support regional integration processes such in EAC, COMESA, UN;
(xi) participate in international forums on development requisite methodologies for compilation macroeconomic statistics;
(xii) establish and maintain appropriate data quality assessment frameworks for macroeconomic statistics;
(xiii) undertake macroeconomic statistics data entry, processing, analysis and dissemination;
(xiv) maintain and update macroeconomic statistics database(s);
(xv) develop and maintain appropriate macroeconomic statistics data compilation systems;
(xvi) generate development related indicators data;
(xvii) prepare relevant Chapters in the annual economic survey and statistical abstract; and
(xviii) undertake data entry, processing, analysis and dissemination.

The Directorate is organized into four (4) divisions, namely:-

(i) National Accounts Statistics;
(ii) External Sector Statistics;
(iii) Fiscal and Financial Statistics; and
(iv) Tourism, Transport and ICT Statistics.

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