Population and Social Statistics Directorate

The Directorate will be headed by a Director, Population and Social Statistics, who is responsible to the Director General for the following functions:-

(i) undertake decennial population and housing census as per the Statistics Act, 2006 and schedule 4 of the Kenya Constitution, 2010;
(ii) undertake demographic and health sample surveys;
(iii) compile vital statistics;
(iv) conduct social sample surveys;
(v) collect, collate, compile, analyze, publish and disseminate administrative data on Governance, Peace and Security, health, education and gender statistics;
(vi) undertake cartographic mapping work for census;
(vii) develop and manage geo-spatial databases;
(viii) prepare relevant chapters in the Annual Economic Survey and Statistical Abstract;
(ix) disseminate population, demographic and social statistics;
(x) provide technical advice on population, demographic and social statistics and cartographic matters to stakeholders;
(xi) coordination of collaboration and partnership between data producers and users in population and social sectors;
(xii) coordinate collaboration with international bodies that support population related matters;
(xiii) undertake data entry, processing, analysis and dissemination; and
(xiv) maintain population and social statistics database(s).

The Directorate will be organized into three (3) divisions, namely:-

(i) Population Statistics;
(ii) Social Statistics; and
(iii) Cartography/GIS Statistics.

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