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Our Complaints Process

How to give feedback to KNBS

Step 1

Customer submits complaint through official channel

CHANNELS: Letters; Walk-in; Email, Telephone; Social Media; KNBS Compliments & Complaints portal. Case is recorded in KNBS Complaints Register.

Step 2

RECEIVED and acknowledged receipt within three (3) working days

ASSESSMENT FO determines whether complaint falls within the KNBS mandate

RESOLVED: Complaint resolved after Front Office involvement. Case is closed.

NOT RESOLVED: Case escalated to the relevant technical office

Step 3

Complaint Received By Relevant Office

Relavant office acknowledges receipt within three (3) working days and records case in the KNBS-R-20-13 register.

RESOLVED: Root cause of the complaint is established and corrective action is taken; Case is closed.

NOT RESOLVED: Case is escalated to Complaints Committee for further review and resolution.

Step 4

Complaints Committee Review

The Complaints Committee reviews cases in the register and gives recommendations.

RESOLVED: Corrective action is taken; Case is closed.

NOT RESOLVED: Case is escalated to the Office of the Director General.

Step 5

DG's Office reviews the cases and gives direction on resolution

THE OFFICE OF DIRECTOR GENERAL: Reviews the cases and gives direction on resolution; The DG also communicates officially to the complainant.


  • Compliments/complaints register
  • Evidence of Acknowledgement from CAJ
  • Minutes of the compliments/ complaints committee meeting
  • Quarterly reports


  1. Costumer can raise complaint directly to the Commissioner of Administrative Justice (CA]).
  2. All complaints shall be registered in the KNBS-R-20-13 register.

KNBS Complaints FAQs

Complaint Against KNBS? This Is What You Need To Know

It is an expression of dissatisfaction by a person, group, or organization about an unsatisfactory or unacceptable service, situation, including an act of commission or omission by a public officer or public institution.

A Complainant can be a person, group of persons or organization.

Citizens pay taxes to the government and in return expect efficient public services. Public servants therefore serve wananchi as per their respective institutions’ mandates.

Complaints can range from abuse of power, unfair treatment, manifest injustice or unlawful, oppressive, unfair or unresponsive official conduct, maladministration, delay, administrative injustice, discourtesy, incompetence, misbehavior, inefficiency or ineptitude within the public service.

Complaints are lodged to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics via email, telephone, letters, social media channels, website, blog, etc. Customers may use the email to lodge their complaints or any of the listed communication channels.

The institution in question uses their Complaints Handling Procedure to process the complaint to its logical conclusion. The Bureau’s procedure for handling customer complaints is found on –

Need more info on complaints handling and access to information? Visit the faqs section here >>

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