WOMEN AND MEN IN KENYA Facts and Figures, 2022

The Women and Men in Kenya booklet provides facts and figures on the status of women and men in Kenya. The booklet presents indicators in 12 thematic areas; Population/Demography, Health and Vital Statistics, Persons with Disabilities, Education, Labour Force, Poverty, Financial Access and Usage, Agriculture, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Gender Based Violence (GBV), Decision Making and Governance, Peace and Security. The booklet aims at promoting understanding of the actual situation of women and men in the Kenyan society, by providing socio-economic and demographic statistics. The information provided is disaggregated by sex, age and rural-urban residence where possible.

The selected indicators contained in the booklet have been extracted from official government publications mainly produced by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.  Detailed information can be obtained in the referenced publications and sources. The booklet is a useful resource material for gender programs designers, implementers, advocates, researchers and the general public to advance the gender agenda in Kenya. Read More