Top 3 Tips For Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

Do you know what the odds of winning a game of lottery are at the moment? For the game of Mega Millions for example, the popular multi-state lottery game with a 5/75+1/15 number format and huge jackpot prizes, that would be 1 in 258,890,850. The game has slightly bigger odds than the next big lottery game in the United States; but there are national lottery games played pretty much everywhere under the sun, in all the countries around the world – Kenya included. Since they all revolve around the same rules of playing, with small variations here and there concerning the pool of numbers to choose from, here are some useful guidelines and smart tips that could help you at least slightly improve your chances of winning.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and keep reading!

Tip #1: Use Statistics Wen Choosing Your Numbers

This way, you will gain a better knowledge regarding the numbers that have come up most and least often. But keep in mind it is not possible to draw essential conclusions by solely knowing the number of times a certain numbers has been drawn in a given time frame. Since the game of lottery relies on completely random drawing mechanisms of the lottery balls each marked with a single number, it means you are going to need something more than that:

  • become familiar with the trends by identifying the minimum and maximum thresholds prior to actually looking at the number of times drawn.

  • Take a look at the minimum and maximum thresholds which are the most frequently occurring lowest and highest frequency of times that have been drawn over a specific time frame. If you are not familiar with the meaning of a fixed time bucket, you will need to tale your time and learn how to use one. This tool will help you get into the history of these draws consistently.

  • Now you can analyze the number of times drawn in the same time bucket and continue to do so until you reach the date of the most recent draw. This will lead to making the most informed decision and choosing your next lottery numbers will be a lot easier. has good number generatorGolden rule: The ball with the number of times drawn at or below the minimum threshold is the one most likely to come up in the next upcoming draw. The vice-verse theory also works accurately.

Tip #2: Use The Lucky Number Pick Options

If you are not one who takes matters of statistics and winning theories to the heart and you would much rather rely on Providence, fate, chaos, or complete randomness, you're in great luck. Most lottery websites will be quick to provide you useful random number selectors; to use them, all you need is a quick click or tap on a button and voila! You will have your random selection of numbers you will be able to use to mark your tickets with. Take a look at this link here and discover one of the best Mega Millions lottery number generators on the web.

Tip #3: Find Good Discounts!

This will help you keep on playing even when your budget might not be entirely prepared for a new week of lottery play. The Megamillions-lotto site offers nice discounts you should check out – they include lower prices for multi-draws, as well as subscriptions so they are highly advantageous. The cheaper the tickets you buy, the more you can afford and the greater your chances to keep playing.