Statistical Abstract – 2012: Other past editions are also available

PAGES: 312 P.
ISBN 9966-767-27-4
PRICE: KSHS. 1,000/=

This is an annual publication. It is more detailed than the Economic Survey.
It provides detailed statistical tables covering all the important aspects of the Kenyan economy. The Statistical coverage includes:
•    Land and Climate
•    Population and Vital Statistics
•    Migration and Tourism, National Accounts
•    External trade
•    Size Distribution of Establishments
•    Agriculture Forestry and Fishing
•    Industrial production
•    Fuel and Power
•    Financial Statistics
•    Transport and Communication
•    Education and Public Health
•    Public Finance
•    Labour, Retail Prices and Consumers Expenditure
•    Crime Statistics and Justice.

The Abstract is an important reference source of socio-economic data. A useful document for scholars, researchers, planners and decision makers