Consumer Price Indices and Inflation Rates-June 2020

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CPI and Inflation Rates


Kenya National Bureau of Statistics hereby releases the monthly Consumer
Price Indices (CPI) and rates of inflation, for June, 2020. These numbers were
generated from a survey of retail prices that targeted a basket of household
consumption goods and services. The survey was conducted during the second
and third weeks of the month, with prices being obtained from selected retail
outlets located in 50 data collection zones, 14 of which are in Nairobi and 36
in other urban areas.
As shown in Tables 1 and 2, the CPI decreased by 0.31 per cent from 108.60
in May 2020 to 108.27 in June 2020. The overall year on year inflation in
June 2020 stood at 4.59 per cent compared to a revised inflation rate of 5.33
per cent recorded in May 2020.

Consumer Price Indices and Inflation Rates-June 2020

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