Press Statement

The Government wishes to inform the general public that preparation for the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census (KPHC) has been concluded. This includes the successful listing exercise to familiarize with the areas of enumeration and households. The enumerators, content supervisors, ICT supervisors and all other key personnel regarding this exercise are already on the ground. Additionally, relevant census logistics are in place in respective counties and sub-counties in readiness for the 24th August, 2019 when the exercise kicks off at 6pm.


Concerns have been raised by the public regarding their security during the census period. As a Government, we wish to assure Kenyans that elaborate security arrangement has been put in place. The Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with other security agencies, county commissioners, regional commissioners, chiefs, sub-chiefs and village elders have all been mobilized to ensure that the census exercise is conducted smoothly.

Electronic Data Capture

This census will be different from the previous ones. Unlike similar exercises of the past, the enumerators will no longer be moving around carrying along very bulky sheets of questionnaire. All data will be captured digitally through a tablet computer. This method enhances security of data and guarantees speed of data processing and analysis.

The devices are designed specifically for this exercise and cannot be used for any other purpose. Safety and security features have been incorporated for maximum fidelity of data.

Individuals in hotels, will however fill a short questionnaire to safeguard their privacy.  This information will be subsequently captured electronically within the premises of the hotels.  Information for all those in hotels, travellers and street families will be captured using a short questionnaire and this strictly be done on the 24th August 2019 only.

Like any other digital devise, they may develop technical problems. It is the anticipation of such eventualities that technical teams have been deployed within easy reach to promptly address them.

The Big Count

The Big Count starts today the 24th August 2019 at 6pm. The counting shall continue until 31st August 2019. After the night of 24th/25th August, 2019, people will be counted with reference to where they were on the night of 24th/25thAugust, 2019. This then becomes the Reference Night.

 Enumeration Process and Personnel

An enumerator shall be accompanied by a police officer, chief, or sub-chief, a village elder or chairpersons of estate associations. All enumerators, content supervisors and ICT supervisors will wear yellow, orange and red luminous jackets. They shall in addition have with them identity cards that will contain details such as names of enumerators and their ID card numbers.

The enumeration activity comprises a short interview of the head of the household, and should any need arise, other members of the household may be asked to fill in certain gaps. The entire enumeration process should take an average of 30 minutes.

After the enumeration, the officials will write a number on the door or any visible place on the structure of the house to indicate that counting has been conducted in that household. PLEASE DO NOT ERASE THE NUMBER.

Data Confidentiality

Census data is strictly confidential. All information collected shall not be subjected to any use other than for statistical purposes.

Closure of Bars and Entertainment Spots

Bars, casinos, discos will close at 5.00pm on Saturday and Sunday. In regions where Disco matangas are part of certain ceremonies, such discos must end by 5pm.  This is to allow Kenyans to go back home early for the census exercise.

All other businesses will continue to operate normally. However, employers are urged to allow their staff members, when possible, to leave early for the census.

Census Call Centre

 A Call Centre has been set up for reporting of any emerging issues in the field, monitoring of the process and enquiries. The hotline Toll free number is:      0800-221-020.

The Call Centre will remain open for 24 hrs for the entire duration of the census process from 24th-31st August 2019. The facility is to ensure that the census process proceeds smoothly and that Kenyans are able to be attended to promptly during the census period.

Huduma Number Vs Census

Huduma number and Census processes complement each other.  However, each serves a different purpose. While Huduma Namba is the single source of truth of individual identity, Census is more broad and entails compilation of diverse socio-economic and demographic data for planning purposes by Government. Additionally, Huduma number is a continuous activity to register people while Census is a periodic count of people.  Therefore, one cannot replace the other.

Identity Card Number/Passport Number

Kenyans will be asked to give their ID or passport numbers. This is to establish the number of those who have actually acquired these documents. This is only for planning purposes.

Kenyans should thus not panic regarding this matter of ID cards because during the time of data analysis, personal identity shall be removed from the data to achieve anonymity.

 Census Personnel Remuneration

Based on the terms of the contract, the money set aside to pay the enumerators has been disbursed to all the Counties, and payments are being made. Areas where delays have been experienced have mainly been occasioned by verification of account details of the enumerators. This has since been sorted out.


Census is a very important process in the pursuit of sustainable development and provision of quality services. As the Government, we are calling upon every Kenyan ‘Ajitokeze ahesabike’. Avail yourselves, cooperate and provide accurate information to enable the Government to plan for you better.