News From The 2015 KIICO For Investors

Kenya is one of the most growing Countries in the African continent with an annual growth which makes hope for the best in the next future years. At the 2015 KIICO (Kenya International Investment Conference) expert marketers in Kenya discussed the investment and trade situation within Kenya, but also within the African Countries.

Kenya is actually following more and more closely the western development example, becoming a Country whose overture towards the modernization is always more at reach than in the past times.

The KIICO in 2015 took place on 23rd to 25th November and the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) whose main theme of debate was “Think investment, made it Kenya”.

Investors And Opportunities In Kenya

Kenyan industries are growing quicker in the latest years and this can be seen more evidently in certain industrial sectors, including tourism, infrastructures, communication, telecommunication, construction & building and manufacturing.

Investors who need to learn more about the most growing and profitable industries in Kenya can read this PDF online document about the economic situation in Kenya. Actually, not all investors might be expert in Kenyan industries and a complete overview about this topic is without a doubt the best tool to guide new investors towards their most profitable investment in Kenyan industries.

Financial Guidance & Support From WCG

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Alignment Of Interests Between Clients & Company

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The Team Of Washington Capital Group

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