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The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is a vital institution in Kenya, founded in 2006 with a mandate to collect, analyze, and disseminate statistical data. KNBS provides essential economic indicators like GDP, inflation rates, and unemployment rates, enabling informed policy decisions. Beyond economics, it supports county governments, conducts population censuses, and addresses regional challenges such as water and sanitation needs. KNBS ensures data-driven approaches to education and environmental conservation. With its commitment to reliable statistics, KNBS plays a central role in Kenya’s development journey.


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Explore recently released statistical reports. From the Monthly Leading Economic Indicators , Monthly CPI to Annual Statistical Abstracts, checkout the most recent statistical releases.

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A deep dive into Kenya's economic, social, and demographic aspects plus much more

Leading Economic Indicators

Leading Economic Indicators provide predictive insights into an economy's future direction by monitoring data such as jobless claims, stock market performance, and consumer sentiment.

Producer Price Indices

Producer Price Indices track changes in the prices received by producers for their output and can indicate potential future changes in consumer prices.

Gross County Product

Gross County Product (GCP) measures the economic output of a specific county or local area, aiding in regional economic assessments and development planning.

Construction Input PI

Construction Input Price Index (PI) reports track changes in the prices of materials and inputs used in the construction industry, helping to assess cost fluctuations and inflationary pressures within the sector.

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