KNBS PRM2015A Peer Review Team composed of members from South Africa and Tanzania is in the Country to evaluate the performance of the National Statistical Systems (NSS)which is coordinated by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).
The Team arrived in the Country on Sunday 13th September, 2015 and started the scheduled meetings on Monday the 14th September, 2015. The Team will complete its peer review meetings on Friday 18th September, 2015.
The Team is in the Country to share experiences and good practices between the participating Countries on NSS. The Team which is composed of two Director Generals of the Statistical Bodies from South Africa and Tanzania respectively is accompanied by a consultant who is a former employee of the World Bank and a representative from the African Union based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Kenya has been selected for peer reviewing of the National Statistical Systems this year. The Peer Review Team will mainly focus their discussions on the governance of the NSS, funding and sustainability, Strategic Planning and also Services offered to data users among other areas.
During their five day visit, the Team Members will not only meet with the KNBS Heads of Directorates and Board of Directors but will also meet with other different groups ranging from the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning, the Government Line Ministries, other Government Agencies, Development Partners, Private Sector and the Media fraternity.
The Peer Review will support and assist Kenya to improve her policies on NSS, to adopt best practices, and also to adequately comply with the standards, and principles established internationally.
In addition, the Peer Review is expected to offer the participants an opportunity to reflect on their own performance and to change their ways of doing things for better and quality service delivery.