Kenyans & Lotteries: 3 Secrets To Beating The Odds

Kenyans make an average salary of little over 145,50 KES and their median salary is around 80,000 KES.

But what does this mean for their actual cost of living?

For starters, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs somewhere between 200 and 500 KSh. A three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant costs 2,500 KSh on average. A 0.33 liter bottle of water costs between 30 and 55 KSh, while a dozes of eggs costs 160 KSh on average. Simple math tells us that there is room for improvement in terms of salaries or income for Kenyans who wish to enjoy better living standards. And this translates to finding additional sources of income. Among them we find playing the lottery. The national Kenyan lottery game is the favorite of many people ready to take a breather from their busy schedule and try something other than work for a change. But most times trying a single side solution will simply not work.

Secret #1: Find Alternatives

Just like anything else in life, having an alternative to something will help you feel more at peace. Let's talk lottery. So you play the Kenyan lottery game week after week, and if they would be giving away a prize for the most loyal and responsible player in the country, you would surely win it. But when the Kenya Lotto 6/49 + 1/10 game never seems to bring you any actual satisfaction in terms of winning jackpot prizes, no matter how hard you try, you need a change. No one says you should give up the hope of winning the $100,000,000 Ksh jackpot; no one will stop you from picking 6 numbers from a pool from 1 to 49 and one number from 0 to 9 each Wednesday and Saturday. But when the first draw of the week comes and then the next one follows and none of the bi-weekly drawings is lucky for you, it's time to take action!

The odds of winning the first prize at the Kenyan lottery game are mind-blowingly small: 1 in 139,838,160. How can you fight them? Find alternative games to play! Buy as many EuroMillions lottery tickets online as you want on the site no matter what remote location you might be in. use your laptop or phone and play during your lunch break or if you are simply passing by, traveling here from Europe and you cannot spend a single week not playing your favorite game.

Secret #2: That Which Is Most Possible Happens Most Often

It's a truism on which you might have never spent a great deal of time. But intense studies in the lottery industry have led researchers to the conclusion that this affirmation is as real as it gets. So the key to successfully choosing the winning lottery numbers is to play the probabilities. Should you play a pattern that occurs 3 percent of the time, expect for that pattern to lose 97 percent of the time. In other words, 97 percent of the time you are expected to lose.

Don't buck the probabilities! Online lotto sites provide you with excellent tools that can help you pick the right numbers for the next EuroMillions draw with a jackpot worth €30,000,000.

Secret #3: Keep Playing

Once you come across the best statistics and tools to help you pick your numbers, you will need to stay focused and keep playing regularly. While the odds of winning remain small for any lottery game you might select, the secret to someday winning is to keep playing. Use a lucky number generator like the EuroMillions one and see what kinds of discount you can enjoy for multi-draw options and subscriptions.