Kenya STEPwise Survey for Non Communicable Diseases Risk Factors 2015 Report

STEP2015This report presents the findings of the Kenya STEPwise survey for non communicable diseases (NCD) risk factors 2015. The Kenya STEPs survey is the first nationally representative survey to collect comprehensive information on risk factors for NCDs and Injuries.

Kenya is experiencing an epidemiological transition in its diseases burden from infectious to non-communicable conditions resulting in a double burden of disease. Non communicable diseases are a major public health concern with significant social and economic implications in terms of health care-needs, lost productivity and premature death. NCDs are thus a serious setback to our attainment of social, health and economic targets if no proper interventions are put in place. This report provides the very essential information to inform policy geared towards halting and reversing this burden of non-communicable diseases.

The report gives a brief of the burden of NCD both globally and in Kenya. The report includes statistics on NCD risk factors, injuries and oral health among adults age 18-69, which will serve as an evidence base to strengthen NCD prevention and control initiatives in the country. It will also serve as an authoritative reference source for policymakers, stakeholders, public health professionals, and others concerned with NCD control in Kenya.

Implementing the Kenya STEPS survey required wide stakeholder engagement, in-depth literature review and dedication from the technical working group that undertook the planning and implementation phases of the survey. The hard work and determination of the STEPS field teams additionally allowed this vital activity to run smoothly to completion. We owe each of them our sincere appreciation.

The Ministry of Health is grateful to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the technical assistance. We are equally grateful for the generous funding from World Bank, CDC and the WHO that enabled us to complete this important activity. The technical expertise given by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics was very key for this survey and is appreciated.

The STEP survey results demonstrate the big challenge that NCDs present to our nation and both the strengths and challenges of Kenya’s response to NCD, Injuries and Oral Health. In line with the multi-sectoral nature of the NCD determinants, I call on all state and non-state actors to partner with the ministry of health to embrace this report as a call to action and lend us their support towards halting and reversing the burden of Non communicable diseases. Downloads…