Clarification of the Article in the Standard Newspaper Dated Tuesday 27th June 2017 in Today Business Section

Reference is hereby made to the Article that discusses Poverty estimates presented in the KNBS Report Entitled “Spatial Dimensions of Well-Being in Kenya: Where Are the Poor?

We would like to state as follows:-

  • The findings contained in that report are based on small area estimation methodology using the 2005/06 Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey (KIHBS) and the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census (KPHC). The Report was aimed at presenting the information at the County, Constituency and Ward levels. The findings therefore are actually not new.
  • In an effort to update the 2005/06 information, KNBS conducted a year-long survey, the 2015/16 KIHBS from September 2015 to August 2016. This is the most current household based survey with information on standard of living (well-being) and will provide precise estimates at the national and county levels. Data analysis and report writing is ongoing. The results will be released soon and will give the most current poverty estimates.
  • In addition, the 2015/16 KIHBS will also provide updated information on education, employment, health and other socio-economic indicators for households and individuals.

We would like to thank the general public for the continued use of KNBS products and services. We will always endeavor to keep you informed and practice an open door policy as pertains to official statistical information.