Fellow Kenyans, thank you for your participation on the Day One of the Big Count. The first day of the census exercise was largely successful. We are encouraged by the progress and can confirm that exercise went on smoothly. The enthusiasm and eagerness to be counted was profound.

We thank business owners for heeding the Government’s call to close their business premises at 5pm. Your support and cooperation in general has contributed to the success this far.

We also wish to thank the media for the extensive coverage, updates and analyses of the enumeration process. The human interest stories and other anecdotes have put life into the Census.

Enumeration Process Progress

Many Kenyans have already been counted since the start of the exercise yesterday the 24th August, 2019. However, we are also aware that not all individual households and individual Kenyans would have been counted by end of Day One yesterday.

For those who have not been visited by the enumerators, there is no cause to panic. The enumeration process continues till 31st August, 2019. If by that date one is still not counted, you are advised to contact the toll free line or the local chief who will contact the census team for you to be enumerated.

We request that the number written by the officials on the door or any other visible place on the structure of the house to indicate that counting has been conducted SHOULD NOT BE ERASED.

This number is useful to guide Content Supervisors who will be making repeat visits to sampled households to validate the data collected.

Identification of Enumerators

For ease of identification, all enumerators, content supervisors and ICT supervisors are wearing yellow, orange and red luminous jackets. In addition, they have cards that contain details such as their name and ID card numbers.

Enumeration Period

Enumeration began at 6.00am today, and will continue into the night, for as long as security agencies, in collaboration with County Commissioners determine.

From tomorrow, Monday 26th August, enumeration will begin at 6.00am and end at 10.00pm.


Adequate security measures are in place. The Government has deployed more than 100,000 security personnel to maintain law and order during the Census period. The Inspector General of Police, Mr Hillary Mutyambai, last night, visited various estates in Nairobi to monitor first hand security arrangements within such estates. Special attention has been given to insecurity prone areas and we assure you that, this is one of the safest periods in our country.

Data Transmission

As you are already aware, electronic devices are being used to capture census data. Data transmission is continuing smoothly. There are areas where due to network challenges, there are delays in the submission of data. We assure the public that the data is secure in the mobile devises and data is automatically transmitted once in an area where there is network connectivity.

The Census Questions

Questions in the census questionnaire fall into various categories including location, personal details, information regarding persons with difficulties doing activities of daily

life, Education, employment and labour, ICT usage, housing conditions and amenities, household assets, agriculture, livestock and aquaculture. Among other details.

After the enumeration, the officials will write a number on the door or any visible place on the structure of the house to indicate that counting has been conducted in that household. PLEASE DO NOT ERASE THE NUMBER.

Enumeration of Special Population

 Information for all those in hotels, travellers, street families and those on transit was captured electronically using a short questionnaire. The road blocks that had been mounted country wide were meant to ensure that all those travelling were counted. This enumeration of the special population was to be carried out on the night of 24th August 2019 only. The exercise was successfully carried out and has been concluded.

Closure of Bars and Entertainment Spots

We wish to thank bar and casino owners, and even other business enterprises for heeding the call to close their businesses by at 5.00pm on Saturday. We appeal to them to close them again today Sunday 25th August, 2019 at 5pm.

All other businesses will continue to operate normally. However, employers are once again urged to allow their staff members to leave early for the census.

Census Call Centre

The Call Centre will remain operational for 24 hrs everyday till the end of the census on 31st August, 2019. Kenyans are encouraged to utilize this facility for ease of assistance during the census period. The hotline Toll free number is: 0800-221-020.

At the same time, all other emergency police numbers are also available and working including 999, 112 and 911.

The Census Exercise

The Government wishes to clarify that this census exercise is purely a statistical process. The information provided will be only used for planning and policy making. Political leaders are therefore requested not to politicize the process.

The KNBS is legally bound to strict confidentiality requirements. By law, the KNBS cannot share respondents’ answers with anyone. All Kenyans are encouraged to continue welcoming the census teams to their households and provide them with accurate information.

Accreditation of Census Monitors and Observers

In line with international best practice, the Census will have local and international monitors and observers.

Cards for their accreditation are available at County Commissioner’s offices across the country.


We continue to receive calls from all over the country as people look forward to when they will be counted. You will be counted, be patient as the enumerators continue with the exercise for the next 6 days.

Once again, I wish to urge all Kenyans to provide correct and accurate information to the enumerators so that the Government can effectively plan for sustainable development and provision of quality services. This is for the benefit of us all. Jitokeze uhesabike.