The Integrated Survey of Services (ISS) 2017/18

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is implementing the Integrated Survey of Services (ISS) 2017/18. This is in line with its mandate as the principal agency of the Government for collecting, analyzing and disseminating official statistics in Kenya. The Bureau derives its mandate from the Statistics Act 2006, which gives it authority to conduct censuses and surveys.

The ISS 2017/18 will be conducted under the auspices of the Kenya Statistics Programme for Results (PSP4R) which a statistical capacity building initiative between the World Bank Group and The Government of Kenya. The Integrated Survey of Services will seek to obtain detailed information from enterprises/businesses/firms in the service sector for the compilation of business and economic statistics and will cover 2015 and 2016. The survey will entail visiting and administering survey questions to enterprises/establishments using electronic gadgets and in some exceptional cases hard copy questionnaires will be used to collect the information.

Key economic variables that will be sought in the survey include employment, turnover/revenue/sales, expenditure, stocks/inventories and fixed assets. These variables will in turn be used to derive aggregates such as output, intermediate consumption, components of value added and investments during 2015 and 2016. In general, the ISS data will provide the main accounting aggregates needed to construct the annual GDP and provide the starting point for economic and financial analysis.

ISS 2017/18 will cover firms/businesses in the following sectors

  • Wholesale and Retail trade,
  • Accommodation and Food Services,
  • Information and Communication,
  • Transportation and Storage,
  • Education,
  • Human Health and Social Work,
  • Finance and Insurance Activities,
  • Real Estate, Rental and Leasing Activities,
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
  • Administrative and Support Services,
  • Arts Entertainment and Recreation, among other service activities.

In accordance with the Statistics Act 2006, the data collected will be treated in strict confidence and used for statistical purposes only. The data will not be published or divulged to anyone in a format that makes it possible for the individual enterprise to be identified.

The ISS 2017/18 commenced on 11th December 2017. The survey personnel will have KNBS identification badges and the Integrated Survey of Services (ISS) 2017/18 Introduction letter.