Happy Womens Day

As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, find herein Important dates for women in Kenya since 1950s
1952 First African women’s organization formed (MYWO)
1955 First group of women admitted to University of Nairobi
1958 First African woman joins the Legislative Council
1959 First African woman becomes president of the giant MYWO
1960 First African woman ventures into broadcasting
1961 First African woman attends the Lancaster constitutional talks in London
1963 Women given the right to vote
1964 First group of African women joins the trade union movement
1964 Equality opportunity act established
1964 Maternity leave granted for women
1964 Basic pension adopted for women
1967 First woman magistrate appointed
1968 First woman appointed mayor
1969 First woman becomes Member of parliament
1969 First woman appointed District Officer
1971 First woman in East and Central Africa earns PHD
1974 First woman appointed Assistant Minister
1976 Establishment of the Women’s Bureau
1982 Appointment of the First woman judge to the High Court of Kenya
1983 First women appointed to head public parastatal
1984 First woman Ambassador appointed
1986 First woman elected as clergy (PCEA)
1986 First woman appointed to senior diplomatic mission
1987 First woman Permanent Secretary
1993 House allowance granted to women in the public sector
1995 First woman appointed to the cabinet
1995 First female Kenyan pilot
1997 First woman vies for presidency
1999 First woman appointed Provincial Commissioner
2004 First African (Kenyan) woman to qualify to captain a commercial aircraft.
2005 First woman appointed to chair WTO’s general council
2013 Appointment of first woman as deputy inspector General of police.
2017 First Three Women elected as Governors
2017 First Two Women elected as Senators
2017 Kenyan government adopts the basic education amendment bill that was signed into law making it mandatory for the government to supply free, sufficient and quality sanitary towels to every girl child registered and enrolled in a public basic education institution.