Foreign Investment Survey 2020 data collection

Foreign Investment Survey 2020 data collection

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in collaboration with the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) are conducting the 2020 Foreign Investment Survey (FIS 2020). The survey which started in September is the sixth in a series of foreign investment surveys conducted since 2010. FIS 2020 will run until November 2020.

The purpose of Foreign Investment Surveys is improve the quality and update national statistics on stocks and flows of foreign capital as well as international trade.

The objectives of Foreign Investment Surveys include;

  • To collect comprehensive information on the stocks and flows of inward and outward foreign capital.
  • To improve the quality of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics, and
  • To collect data and information on foreign investment relationships for compiling Foreign Affiliates Trade Statistics (FATS) and international trade in services statistics.

The data collected will be used in the compilation of Balance of Payments (BOP) and International Investment Position (IIP) statistics in line with recommendations of international statistics frameworks. The data will also be used for economic and investment policy formulation and decision making.

The survey seeks to obtain transactional and stocks data of enterprise capital, trade, services, employment and perception of business environment. The data being sought is for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The survey will be administered to statistically selected resident enterprises. The field survey personnel which include Research Assistants and their Supervisors have been deployed to provide guidance to enterprises in completing the FIS 2020 questionnaire. Information provided by individual enterprises will be treated as confidential and used strictly for statistical purposes. The survey personnel are under oath not to disclose any information provided by the enterprises to a third party. Confidentiality is guaranteed under the Statistics Act, 2006.

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Central Bank of Kenya and Kenya Investment Authority are jointly conducting Foreign Investment Survey 2020. Other key stakeholders include; Capital Markets Authority (CMA), Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA), Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) and Kenya Association Manufactures (KAM).

These statistics are collected under the Statistics Act, 2006 which empowers KNBS to collect and compile Balance of Payments Statistics and the position of Kenya’s external assets and liabilities, among other information/data. Failure to comply with the Statistics Act, 2006 constitutes an offence and may result into legal and administrative action.

Queries, clarifications or assistance regarding the completion of the questionnaire will be addressed by the Research Assistant or the Supervisor. Further information concerning the FIS 2020 may be addressed to:

Director General

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

Real Towers, Upper Hill, Hospital Road,

Tel. No.: +254 202 911 000, +254 202 911 001

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