Foreign investment survey 2018

Kenya has continued to make impressive progress in strengthening the investment climate, with the objective of making the country a regional industrial and financial hub. The country improved significantly in its ranking in the World Bank Doing Business 2019 Indicators moving 19 places to position 61 from 80 out of 190 countries in the 2017. Investments have expanded in the country, principally in the finance and insurance; trade; manufacturing, communication and education industries.

In order to support economic policy making and to monitor risks that may arise from these investments, the collection of reliable and timely data is important. Results from the foreign investment surveys will be integrated into the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (IIP) statistics. The Foreign Investment Survey (FIS) 2018 is the fifth in the series since the launch of the surveys in 2010.

The survey captured data on foreign capital stocks and flows for the period 2016 and 2017. A total of 740 enterprises were targeted during FIS 2018, with a response rate of 74.6 per cent compared to 72.8 per cent recorded in the FIS 2016.Download The Foreign investment survey 2018