Foreign Investment Survey 2016 Report

Kenya has continued to improve its investment climate, with a goal of making the country a regional industrial and financial hub. This initiative has made Kenya attractive for both domestic and international firms seeking to do business in Kenya and in the region. The country has recorded an increase in the number of foreign companies setting up shop in the country and using Kenya as a hub in penetrating the Sub-Saharan markets. In order to establish the economic benefits from foreign investments; and to assess the impact of risks and vulnerabilities that may arise from these investments, collection of reliable and timely data on foreign assets and liabilities is significant for monitoring external transactions for purposes of planning and policy formulation. The foreign investment surveys are intended to provide information required for compilation of the Balance of Payments (BOP) and International Investment Position (IIP) statistics. In addition, the survey results inform investor decisions to choose Kenya as the preferred investment destination. The Foreign Investment Survey (FIS) 2016 is the fourth in the series since the launch of the surveys in 2010. It captured data on foreign private capital flows and stocks for the period 2014 and 2015. A total of 780 enterprises were targeted out of which 474 enterprises indicated that they had Foreign Assets and Liabilities (FAL). 


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