Directorate of Information and Communication Technology

Functions and Mandate

The Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the six directorates of Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS). It is divided into three main Divisions namely; Information Systems and Operations, Data Processing, and   Information Services.

Key functions of Information and Communication Technology Directorate (ICTD) are:

      • Development, implementation and maintenance of ICT systems for the Bureau.
      • Data Processing and Archival for Censuses and surveys.
      • Publication and dissemination of survey data and provision of library services to the bureau and the general public
      • Manage the National Socio-economic statistical Database

Information Systems and Operations

      • Development and Maintenance of the organizations Management Information system;
      • Maintenance of the organizations computing equipment and software;
      • Drawing specification for all IT requirements (including systems specifications) for the organization;
      • Administration of the Organizations Website;
      • Maintenance of the Bureau’s Local Area Networks (LAN);
      • Management of Computer Literacy and related in-house training programs;

Data Processing

      • Responsible for all Data Processing Activities in the KNBS;
      • Development and Management of the Socio-Economic Data Base;
      • Provision Technical support to Public and Private institutions;

Information Services

    • Dissemination of all KNBS information and reports both in printed and soft form;
    • Library services;
    • Printing and publishing

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