Data Speak About The Increasing Kenyans’ Interest Towards Poker

With its population of about 45 million people, Kenya is one of the most important African countries. In particular, the Eastern Africa side on the coast of the Indian Ocean is certainly more developed than the rest of the continent. Kenya is, in fact, a well structured country with new investors focusing on local industries.

The most attractive industries in Kenya include:

  • Agriculture – 23% of Kenya’s overall GDP value
  • Manufacturing – 19% of Kenya’s overall GDP value
  • Services – 51% of Kenyan total GDP value

*All statistic data are from a Kenyan financial and economical report conducted in 2011.

Other Kenyan Industries That Are Achieving Great Results

However, the Kenyan economy includes also other sectors, that are also well developed in this country: tourism, financial institutions, gambling facilities, tobacco industries. In particular, it seems that Kenya is trying to work on its internal laws in order to facilitate the expansion of such industries. Poker laws in Kenya permit gamblers to access poker games in the internet, which is the most chosen tool to access direct poker games. Anyways, gambling in Kenya is legal since 1966, soon after the national independency from the UK.

In Kenya over 50% of the population can access to the internet – a really high percentage compared to other African countries.Poker

Casinos In Kenya & Kenyan Gamblers

Kenya has a total of 13 land based casinos in 4 cities all around Nairobi, the most modern and largest city in Kenya. Even though land based casinos are meant to be tourist attractions, many Kenyans like to go and play as well. In fact, Nairobi is a wealthier city than the rest of the country and this means that more Kenyans can afford to play gambling games.

But even with its overall 121 table games and 720 slot machines, Kenyan land based casinos are not enough for the most refined gamblers. That’s why skilled poker players in Kenya prefer to find more games in the internet.

More Table Games In The Internet or Kenyans

As a matter of fact, this leads to an increasing number of online gamblers in Kenya, aligning this country to the world’s most advanced countries where online gambling is already a strong reality.

Table games are some of the most appealing casino games with a long history and an evergreen charm that only pro poker players can describe in its entireness. Actually, becoming a skilled poker player is a hard job, but also a great way to improve personal skills like memory, visual reflexes, prediction.

On poker players can find an excellent list of 100% safe and regulated international virtual casinos, where poker along with other important table games is the “king of the casino”.

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