Crime & Burglary In Kenya: Home Security Tips

Kenya is a country of many contrasts. On the one hand, we have the high rates of crime recorded with prevalence in areas like Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. On the other hand, we have the coastal beach resorts, the birding and high density and assorted wildlife experiences in the national parks that continue to attract an important number of tourists every year. Unfortunately, the same tourists who came here to get better acquainted with the fascinating cultures in the country do this violently, as hey are submitted to attacks by armed assailants.

Kenya has a lot of issues, but it is worth visiting if you know how to stay safe.

What To Be Aware Of Once You Arrive Here

  • Carjacking, the number one crime in Kenya. Vehicle on the go are used for snatching bags and phones on city streets. The solutions is to always drive with your doors locked and the windows pulled up – use air conditioning instead of cracking the windows for air.

  • A few years ago two US citizens were killed and another was critically injured in two carjacking incidents. And Nairobi records 10 vehicle hijackings on a daily basis. The hands of the investigation authorities are almost entirely tied, so tourists need to do everything in their power to keep safe.

  • Public transportation carrying up to 14 passengers is also often times submitted to criminal acts.

How To Make Your Stay Safer

  • Personal screaming alarms that can be triggered by people in danger who are under attack and unable to scream on their own are excellent devices.

  • Portable locks are also highly effective for hotel rooms and rental homes that do not have locks that are sturdy or reliable enough. Plus, you can never be too safe, so an extra lock that matches any door will fit perfectly in your luggage.

  • A professional locksmith can recommend the best solutions in terms of locks and padlocks or security alarms. You can also go online and look into your options, or go down the hardware store in your city and do some shopping for your security needs during your traveling.

  • Your luggage can be protected with the help of portable luggage padlocks useful for traveling by plane, train, and bus. Train stations and airport terminals will feel a lot safer once you will know your luggage is well protected by quality electronic padlocks with unique combos that can be changed.

  • Make sure you get a local emergency number for a locksmith in the area where you will be staying. Since you will be traveling to a place you are not familiar with, you might lock yourself out of your temporary home or lose the key. In such circumstances, an emergency locksmith is what you need. And because any kind of a key or lock emergency will automatically make you feel stressed out and anxious, chances are you will not have the patience to do the research. So it will help if you would take some time before your journey and look for a Kenyan locksmithing company similar to the Nationwide Locksmith company in the U.S.

  • These fellows handle the entire range of locksmithing services for homes, cars, and business spaces, including 24/7 emergency lockouts at affordable prices and fast speeds. Save their number in your contacts in case you ever need a lock changed or a duplicate key done.