CPI and Inflation Rates for October 2013

overall cpiThe  CPI  decreased  by  0.05  per  cent  from 142.82 in September 2013 to 142.75 in October 2013. The overall inflation rate stood at 7.76 per cent in October 2013. Between September and October 2013, Food and Non Alcoholic drinks’ Index decreased by 0.24 per cent. As shown in Table 3, this was as result of a number of foodstuffs declining in prices in October 2013 compared to September 2013.

  • On account of notable reductions in the prices of kerosene, electricity and cooking gas; the Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’ index, declined by 0.16 per cent over the review period. Further, though the forex adjustment charges increased from KSh1.39 to 1.46 per Kwh, fuel cost adjustment charges decreased from KSh 5.43 to 5.18 per Kwh of electricity consumed. This led to slightly lower cost of electricity compared to September 2013.
  • Similarly, the Transport Index decreased marginally by 0.05 per cent mainly due to reduced prices of petrol and diesel. .Read more..