CPI and Inflation Rates for December 2013

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics hereby releases Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and rates of inflation for December 2013. These numbers have been generated using data collected during the second and third weeks of the month under review. The prices were obtained from selected retail outlets in 25 data collection zones located in 13 urban centers.

cpi122013The CPI increased by 0.50 per cent from 143.14 in November 2013 to 143.85 in December 2013. The overall inflation rate stood at 7.15 per cent in December 2013.
During the month of December 2013, Food and Non Alcoholic drinks’ Index increased by 0.55 per cent. This was observed as a net effect of increase in prices of some food items outweighing notable falls in others.

Between November and December 2013, Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’ index, increased by 0.01 per cent. This Marginal increase was attributed to notable rises in the cost of cooking fuels. However, as can be seen from Table 3 above, a significant fall in the cost of electricity balanced the net effect in the index. Despite introduction of a Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) levy of 6.0 cents per KWh electricity costs reduced significantly due to waiving of inflation levy and reduction of forex adjustment costs.

Transport Index increased by 1.83 per cent over the review period, mainly due to higher matatu and bus fares associated with chrismas festivities. This was further compounded by marginal rises in petrol and diesel prices…Download..