Census Cartographic Mapping

On behalf of the Kenyan Government, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is undertaking preparatory activities that will culminate in conducting the forthcoming 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census enumeration.
Currently, cartographic mapping, which is a process of dividing the whole country into smaller units called enumeration areas, is on-going. The mapping exercise is conducted using smartphones and the information collected will be used to produce enumeration area maps, to facilitate the census.
The KNBS staff in conjunction with chiefs, assistant chiefs and village elders will identify boundaries of each village and chronologically list all the homesteads and households within that village. They will be requesting for information on: names of homesteads, Names of household heads, number of usual members of the households, any agricultural activities and details of both administrative and political units. The activity which will be conducted throughout the country in all administrative units, will run until 2019.
Members of the public are encouraged to corporate and volunteer accurate information to the cartographic mapping team, during the exercise. The information provided will be treated in confidence, as guaranteed by the Statistics Act, 2006.