Monetary & Financial Services – A Dramatic Online Growth

Governments in the world are always focused on economy, finance and banking services. Actually, these 3 facets of the monetary sector represent three ways to social growth and overall national wealth.

Statistic bureaus in the world analyze data coming from banks and financial institutes, the goal is to define the economic situation and to find new ways for a national economic improvement.

Importance Of Financial Services

In recent years, the sector of online financial services has been growing larger and larger. This impressive growth is due not only to a personal choice by customers of using online financial services rather than an offline ones, but it’s also due to an expansion of technologies and advanced systems operating in the financial world that make everything easier for customers.

Today, you can find in the internet even more diversified financial services than in the real life:

  • Loans of all types at better rates
  • Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards
  • Investments and other financial actions in the global markets
  • Wide range of payment options and providers

PT Unified Trade – A Great Payment Provider

It’s not easy to find a skilled team of dedicated and well educated professionals who work at your service like the team of PT Unified Trade.Online payment methods

The team of PT Unified Trade is made of experienced professionals in different sectors, including internet security systems, payment management, financial investments, account opening and account management, fraud detection and prevention.

Companies or platforms in the internet that deal with online payments should always pay special attention to the type of online payment options they offer to their clientele. Today, numerous transactions are, actually, processed via internet and security is a critical point when it comes to financial details.

That’s why PT Unified Trade works to offer companies of all types in the world the most advanced security systems for payments. Companies will benefit from safe transactions and 360-degree protection of their customers’ details, whilst the latter will also take advantage from a safe environment and verified transactions, knowing that third parties cannot interfere with their payments/withdrawals.

Economic Fraud – PT Unified Trade’s Role

As said, one of the priorities at PT Unified Trade is to provide a wide clientele the best protection in financial transactions and payments that take place in the internet. This is not all, though.

Actually, the team of expert professional at PT Unified Trade works also with a view to fight against all economic frauds.

The following points are the main goals for PT Unified Trade concerning financial frauds in the internet:

  • Education: PT Unified Trade invest much effort in educating and warning clients about frauds
  • Providing 100% safe payment systems: clients at PT Unified Trade are companies in the travel & tourism industry, all investment fields, insurance and banking sectors. Each of these companies work with online payments/deposits/investments and returns.

Online PT Unified Trade Reviews

PT Unified Trade is a verified and regulated company and it’s one of the world’s most relevant payment provider.

Numerous online PT Unified Trade reviews do also confirm the excellence of the security systems developed by the team of PT Unified Trade and available for different types of companies. The clientele of PT Unified Trade is, in fact, really diversified and it includes a large number of western companies/firms from Europe and North America.

Data Speak About The Increasing Kenyans’ Interest Towards Poker

With its population of about 45 million people, Kenya is one of the most important African countries. In particular, the Eastern Africa side on the coast of the Indian Ocean is certainly more developed than the rest of the continent. Kenya is, in fact, a well structured country with new investors focusing on local industries.

The most attractive industries in Kenya include:

  • Agriculture – 23% of Kenya’s overall GDP value
  • Manufacturing – 19% of Kenya’s overall GDP value
  • Services – 51% of Kenyan total GDP value

*All statistic data are from a Kenyan financial and economical report conducted in 2011.

Other Kenyan Industries That Are Achieving Great Results

However, the Kenyan economy includes also other sectors, that are also well developed in this country: tourism, financial institutions, gambling facilities, tobacco industries. In particular, it seems that Kenya is trying to work on its internal laws in order to facilitate the expansion of such industries. Poker laws in Kenya permit gamblers to access poker games in the internet, which is the most chosen tool to access direct poker games. Anyways, gambling in Kenya is legal since 1966, soon after the national independency from the UK.

In Kenya over 50% of the population can access to the internet – a really high percentage compared to other African countries.Poker

Casinos In Kenya & Kenyan Gamblers

Kenya has a total of 13 land based casinos in 4 cities all around Nairobi, the most modern and largest city in Kenya. Even though land based casinos are meant to be tourist attractions, many Kenyans like to go and play as well. In fact, Nairobi is a wealthier city than the rest of the country and this means that more Kenyans can afford to play gambling games.

But even with its overall 121 table games and 720 slot machines, Kenyan land based casinos are not enough for the most refined gamblers. That’s why skilled poker players in Kenya prefer to find more games in the internet.

More Table Games In The Internet or Kenyans

As a matter of fact, this leads to an increasing number of online gamblers in Kenya, aligning this country to the world’s most advanced countries where online gambling is already a strong reality.

Table games are some of the most appealing casino games with a long history and an evergreen charm that only pro poker players can describe in its entireness. Actually, becoming a skilled poker player is a hard job, but also a great way to improve personal skills like memory, visual reflexes, prediction.

On poker players can find an excellent list of 100% safe and regulated international virtual casinos, where poker along with other important table games is the “king of the casino”.

Poker Games At Australia Casino

There are many reasons to choose to play poker games, not only for Kenyans but also for everyone else. Actually, Australia Casino is a fully regulated and licensed platform which offers the best and safest casino environments you might find on the net.

Australia Casino puts much effort in finding casinos whose high standards meet severe requirements of security. This encourages more poker players to visit Australia Casino without hesitation and after testing the excellent and helpful customer service as well as trying free and real play games, most are greatly satisfied.

Top 3 Tips For Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

Do you know what the odds of winning a game of lottery are at the moment? For the game of Mega Millions for example, the popular multi-state lottery game with a 5/75+1/15 number format and huge jackpot prizes, that would be 1 in 258,890,850. The game has slightly bigger odds than the next big lottery game in the United States; but there are national lottery games played pretty much everywhere under the sun, in all the countries around the world – Kenya included. Since they all revolve around the same rules of playing, with small variations here and there concerning the pool of numbers to choose from, here are some useful guidelines and smart tips that could help you at least slightly improve your chances of winning.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and keep reading!

Tip #1: Use Statistics Wen Choosing Your Numbers

This way, you will gain a better knowledge regarding the numbers that have come up most and least often. But keep in mind it is not possible to draw essential conclusions by solely knowing the number of times a certain numbers has been drawn in a given time frame. Since the game of lottery relies on completely random drawing mechanisms of the lottery balls each marked with a single number, it means you are going to need something more than that:

  • become familiar with the trends by identifying the minimum and maximum thresholds prior to actually looking at the number of times drawn.

  • Take a look at the minimum and maximum thresholds which are the most frequently occurring lowest and highest frequency of times that have been drawn over a specific time frame. If you are not familiar with the meaning of a fixed time bucket, you will need to tale your time and learn how to use one. This tool will help you get into the history of these draws consistently.

  • Now you can analyze the number of times drawn in the same time bucket and continue to do so until you reach the date of the most recent draw. This will lead to making the most informed decision and choosing your next lottery numbers will be a lot easier. has good number generatorGolden rule: The ball with the number of times drawn at or below the minimum threshold is the one most likely to come up in the next upcoming draw. The vice-verse theory also works accurately.

Tip #2: Use The Lucky Number Pick Options

If you are not one who takes matters of statistics and winning theories to the heart and you would much rather rely on Providence, fate, chaos, or complete randomness, you're in great luck. Most lottery websites will be quick to provide you useful random number selectors; to use them, all you need is a quick click or tap on a button and voila! You will have your random selection of numbers you will be able to use to mark your tickets with. Take a look at this link here and discover one of the best Mega Millions lottery number generators on the web.

Tip #3: Find Good Discounts!

This will help you keep on playing even when your budget might not be entirely prepared for a new week of lottery play. The Megamillions-lotto site offers nice discounts you should check out – they include lower prices for multi-draws, as well as subscriptions so they are highly advantageous. The cheaper the tickets you buy, the more you can afford and the greater your chances to keep playing.

The American Locksmith Market Within Statistic Data

Every Country has their own specific markets and industries that are more representative than other ones. For example, in the US a relevant role is played by specialized professional technicians. Locksmiths represent in the American employment reality one of the stronger and most appealing resources for many customers and new locksmiths who want to be hired by local locksmith companies.

Statistic data about the locksmith market speak themselves about the economic weight and role that American locksmiths play in the overall Union’s economy.

The investments in the locksmith companies have been growing in the latest 5 years and experts expect even more investment fluxes for the next 5 years: this shows how the locksmith market in the US is growing quick and large.

Professional Growth Of American Locksmiths

One of the reasons professional locksmiths are regarded to be important technicians in the American economy is that they can help and work on many different situations and tools. Normally, most people think of locksmiths when they have a serious problem with a lost car key or with a burglarized home door.Working locksmith

But the truth is that emergencies are only a part of the overall job for locksmith companies. Actually, a large part of the work consist sin periodic maintenance services, that customers schedule in advance for their property or for their car or other type of vehicle.

Actually, locksmiths play a relevant role in putting your property or vehicle in good safety and security conditions. Locksmiths are very important in the entire North American continent, including Canada and its excellent professionals in the locksmith market.

Locksmiths Pros & Locksmith Professional Culture

In the USA you can find a really amazing large range of locksmith companies. Locksmiths Pros is one of the most relevant and it includes offices in several places in the USA with numerous technicians working in each of them.

In particular, all locksmiths who are part of the staff at Locksmiths Pros are certified and licensed under the ALOA, the American most important and official organization for locksmith professionals. As you can see on Locksmiths Pros’ website at the company puts much emphasis on the professional attitude and technical education and competence in the locksmith field, that’s why only 100% certified and locally bonded professionals are hired in the Locksmiths Pros’ staff.

Locksmiths Pros & Most Important Services

At Locksmiths Pros customers can request a wide range of services: all commercial services for shops, restaurants, cinemas stores and offices, automotive services for vehicles of all type and brand and residential services for all types of homes and properties.

Emergency services represent a separated category of specific locksmith services that are provided in each of the above mentioned 3 categories. Emergency services are 24/7 available and customers can call Locksmiths Pros’ customer service from anywhere in the US: the emergency phone number of Locksmiths Pros is (888) 204 8406.

Rates & Offers At Locksmiths Pros

In particular, for new customers who will use the Locksmiths Pros’ website in order to get in touch to the company there’s a nice 5% off discount on the first locksmith service customers will request.

More offers are also available in the course of the year. Moreover, all rates and prices at Locksmiths Pros are among some of the most affordable in the locksmith market.

Kenyans & Lotteries: 3 Secrets To Beating The Odds

Kenyans make an average salary of little over 145,50 KES and their median salary is around 80,000 KES.

But what does this mean for their actual cost of living?

For starters, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs somewhere between 200 and 500 KSh. A three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant costs 2,500 KSh on average. A 0.33 liter bottle of water costs between 30 and 55 KSh, while a dozes of eggs costs 160 KSh on average. Simple math tells us that there is room for improvement in terms of salaries or income for Kenyans who wish to enjoy better living standards. And this translates to finding additional sources of income. Among them we find playing the lottery. The national Kenyan lottery game is the favorite of many people ready to take a breather from their busy schedule and try something other than work for a change. But most times trying a single side solution will simply not work.

Secret #1: Find Alternatives

Just like anything else in life, having an alternative to something will help you feel more at peace. Let's talk lottery. So you play the Kenyan lottery game week after week, and if they would be giving away a prize for the most loyal and responsible player in the country, you would surely win it. But when the Kenya Lotto 6/49 + 1/10 game never seems to bring you any actual satisfaction in terms of winning jackpot prizes, no matter how hard you try, you need a change. No one says you should give up the hope of winning the $100,000,000 Ksh jackpot; no one will stop you from picking 6 numbers from a pool from 1 to 49 and one number from 0 to 9 each Wednesday and Saturday. But when the first draw of the week comes and then the next one follows and none of the bi-weekly drawings is lucky for you, it's time to take action!

The odds of winning the first prize at the Kenyan lottery game are mind-blowingly small: 1 in 139,838,160. How can you fight them? Find alternative games to play! Buy as many EuroMillions lottery tickets online as you want on the site no matter what remote location you might be in. use your laptop or phone and play during your lunch break or if you are simply passing by, traveling here from Europe and you cannot spend a single week not playing your favorite game.

Secret #2: That Which Is Most Possible Happens Most Often

It's a truism on which you might have never spent a great deal of time. But intense studies in the lottery industry have led researchers to the conclusion that this affirmation is as real as it gets. So the key to successfully choosing the winning lottery numbers is to play the probabilities. Should you play a pattern that occurs 3 percent of the time, expect for that pattern to lose 97 percent of the time. In other words, 97 percent of the time you are expected to lose.

Don't buck the probabilities! Online lotto sites provide you with excellent tools that can help you pick the right numbers for the next EuroMillions draw with a jackpot worth €30,000,000.

Secret #3: Keep Playing

Once you come across the best statistics and tools to help you pick your numbers, you will need to stay focused and keep playing regularly. While the odds of winning remain small for any lottery game you might select, the secret to someday winning is to keep playing. Use a lucky number generator like the EuroMillions one and see what kinds of discount you can enjoy for multi-draw options and subscriptions.

Crime & Burglary In Kenya: Home Security Tips

Kenya is a country of many contrasts. On the one hand, we have the high rates of crime recorded with prevalence in areas like Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. On the other hand, we have the coastal beach resorts, the birding and high density and assorted wildlife experiences in the national parks that continue to attract an important number of tourists every year. Unfortunately, the same tourists who came here to get better acquainted with the fascinating cultures in the country do this violently, as hey are submitted to attacks by armed assailants.

Kenya has a lot of issues, but it is worth visiting if you know how to stay safe.

What To Be Aware Of Once You Arrive Here

  • Carjacking, the number one crime in Kenya. Vehicle on the go are used for snatching bags and phones on city streets. The solutions is to always drive with your doors locked and the windows pulled up – use air conditioning instead of cracking the windows for air.

  • A few years ago two US citizens were killed and another was critically injured in two carjacking incidents. And Nairobi records 10 vehicle hijackings on a daily basis. The hands of the investigation authorities are almost entirely tied, so tourists need to do everything in their power to keep safe.

  • Public transportation carrying up to 14 passengers is also often times submitted to criminal acts.

How To Make Your Stay Safer

  • Personal screaming alarms that can be triggered by people in danger who are under attack and unable to scream on their own are excellent devices.

  • Portable locks are also highly effective for hotel rooms and rental homes that do not have locks that are sturdy or reliable enough. Plus, you can never be too safe, so an extra lock that matches any door will fit perfectly in your luggage.

  • A professional locksmith can recommend the best solutions in terms of locks and padlocks or security alarms. You can also go online and look into your options, or go down the hardware store in your city and do some shopping for your security needs during your traveling.

  • Your luggage can be protected with the help of portable luggage padlocks useful for traveling by plane, train, and bus. Train stations and airport terminals will feel a lot safer once you will know your luggage is well protected by quality electronic padlocks with unique combos that can be changed.

  • Make sure you get a local emergency number for a locksmith in the area where you will be staying. Since you will be traveling to a place you are not familiar with, you might lock yourself out of your temporary home or lose the key. In such circumstances, an emergency locksmith is what you need. And because any kind of a key or lock emergency will automatically make you feel stressed out and anxious, chances are you will not have the patience to do the research. So it will help if you would take some time before your journey and look for a Kenyan locksmithing company similar to the Nationwide Locksmith company in the U.S.

  • These fellows handle the entire range of locksmithing services for homes, cars, and business spaces, including 24/7 emergency lockouts at affordable prices and fast speeds. Save their number in your contacts in case you ever need a lock changed or a duplicate key done.

News From The 2015 KIICO For Investors

Kenya is one of the most growing Countries in the African continent with an annual growth which makes hope for the best in the next future years. At the 2015 KIICO (Kenya International Investment Conference) expert marketers in Kenya discussed the investment and trade situation within Kenya, but also within the African Countries.

Kenya is actually following more and more closely the western development example, becoming a Country whose overture towards the modernization is always more at reach than in the past times.

The KIICO in 2015 took place on 23rd to 25th November and the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) whose main theme of debate was “Think investment, made it Kenya”.

Investors And Opportunities In Kenya

Kenyan industries are growing quicker in the latest years and this can be seen more evidently in certain industrial sectors, including tourism, infrastructures, communication, telecommunication, construction & building and manufacturing.

Investors who need to learn more about the most growing and profitable industries in Kenya can read this PDF online document about the economic situation in Kenya. Actually, not all investors might be expert in Kenyan industries and a complete overview about this topic is without a doubt the best tool to guide new investors towards their most profitable investment in Kenyan industries.

Financial Guidance & Support From WCG

For investors who are more exigent or who feel they need a more direct and personalized support there are several different financial companies out there. But possibly the best solution is to choose a flexible, open-minded and modern company like .

Washington Capital Group is based in Delhi, India, and its team is made of only educated and graduated financial advisors and expert traders and financial managers whose goal is to meet clients / investors’ goals.

Actually, when investors earn money from their investments, Washington Capital Group as a company does also get its revenue: as a consequence, making investors earn more money means for the company of Washington Capital Group to work for both clients and company’s interests.

Alignment Of Interests Between Clients & Company

As you can see, this achieves a perfect alignment of interests between the clients, on a side, and the company on the other side.  

Each single investor is a unit with personal financial goals and a financial liquidity that are different because are closely personal and ever-evolving.

Actually, personal financial conditions are subjects to many factors through the course of time, such as unexpected expenses, urgent need of money for a necessary and unpredicted cause and so on.

The Team Of Washington Capital Group

At Washington Capital Group investors can find the most skilled and expert financial advisors in many fields: from financial management in all facets to tax advisory and money consultancy.

The range of services provide by the team of Washington Capital Group is really wide and it includes all facets of financial services, banking solutions and insurance solutions.

Moreover, the team of Washington Capital Group works closely in contact to clients in order to meet their evolving needs. For this reason, the investment portfolios created by the financial manages at Washington Capital Group are highly flexible and adjustable, so that each single investor can find the most suitable and adherent portfolio including profitable markets and industries to their personal exigencies and needs.


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