Mr Billington Mwangi Gituto.


Board Member
Mr Billington Mwangi

Mr Billington Mwangi Gituto holds a Bachelors degree in Anthropology from the University of Nairobi and a Master’s degree in Communication from Daystar University. Gituto has broad interests in development, social policy, strategic and cause communications. He is an experienced social development practitioner with wide research and practice in various areas of human development and capability. He also has extensive experience in various fields of strategic communications. His organizing work has seen him play key leadership and advisory roles in various development interventions, programmes and organizations.

Gituto has authored numerous publications on social policy including Beyond CDF: Making Kenya’s Sub-sovereign Finance Work for the Socially Excluded; Affirmative Action: The Promise of a New Dawn and Making Women Count: Gender and Public Budgeting. Gituto has been an educator in communications and development at St Paul’s University and Daystar University in Nairobi and is currently the Director of the Mekatilili Institute in Nairobi where he is working in the areas of assets and social policy, wellbeing and multidimensional poverty, the application of capabilities approach for measuring wellbeing, equality and advancing human rights and the use of strategic communications to solve social problems.