Dr. Mary K. Lonyangapuo

Dr. Mary K. Lonyangapuo is a holder of Bachelor of Arts in Education from Kenyatta University, a Masters Degree in Linguistics from Leeds University, UK and a PHD in Linguistics from Egerton University. She has over 15 years university teaching experience in the area of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and has vast knowledge in humanities and social sciences

Her key research areas are in: Syntax, Sociolinguistics and Applied communication and has carried out various researches in linguistics and communicative aspects of language, has written a number of research papers in refereed journals and is a  Research Assistant with CASA.

She is a member of the Editorial Board, Jarida la Mwanga wa Lugha, an academic journal at Moi University.

She has served as the Head of Department, Linguistics and Foreign Languages, Moi University; Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Moi University and served as a Council Member, Kenyatta University.

She sits on various School Boards and is currently a Senior lecturer, Department of Linguistics and Foreign Languages, Moi University, where she is also the Patron of I Choose Peace Consortium