Mr. Abdulkadir Amin Awes

Director Population and Social Statistics

Mr Abdulkadir Amin Awes holds a Master of Arts degree in Economic Policy Management (EPM) from Makerere University of Kampala (MUK), Master of Science in Population Studies from University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Arts (Second Class Honors, Upper Division) from University of Nairobi and Diploma on Decentralized Planning for Rural Development from National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad (India). He has over 29 years’ experience in public service in the areas of Statistics, Economic planning, HIV/AIDs, monitoring and evaluation.

He joined Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (formerly Central Bureau of Statistics) as a Senior Manager in charge of social statistics. He has been involved in the production of various plans and statistical publications, which include, District Poverty Reduction Paper, District Development Plans, Annual Economic Survey reports, Annual Statistical Abstract reports and County Statistical Abstracts.

He has a vast experience in planning, designing, coordinating and providing technical expertise in various national surveys and population and housing censuses (1999, 2009 and 2019). He authored a number of survey and census reports.

Mr. Benjamin Avusevwa

Benjamin Avusevwa is the Director of Statistical Coordination and Methods.

He was appointed to this post in October 2020. Avusevwa joined the then Central Bureau Statistics 1995 as a Statistician and later joined the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in 2009.  Prior to this appointment, he was Head of External, Fiscal and Financial Statistics Division and Coordinator of National Strategy for the Development of Statistics.

His career is focused on strategic planning, production and management of official statistics. He has vast experience in the compilation and analysis of Macroeconomic Statistics with expertise in External Sector Statistics. He has also extensive experience of business survey methodology and contributed to the development of the UN International Merchandise Trade statistics: Concepts and definitions 2010.

In the past, he has represented the KNBS on several technical groups and committees. Internationally, he has worked closely with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the East African Community (EAC) on development and use of statistical frameworks and methodologies. He has complemented his KNBS experience with being a member of EAC High-level Task Force for the development of East African Monetary Union protocol, member of Kenya delegation in the negotiation of EAC Common Market protocol, and Kenya delegation team leader in the development of the bill for establishment of East African Statistics Bureau.

Avusevwa is a statistician by profession having obtained a Master of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Nairobi in 2005 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Computer Studies from Kenyatta University in 1994. He is also a holder of a certificate in computer network engineering from Okinawa International Centre under Japan International Cooperation in 2001. He has undertaken various courses related to production of statistics, strategic management, risk management and strategic leadership inside and outside Kenya over the years. He is an accredited statistician with Kenya National Statistics Society.

Ms. Ann M. Mburu, HSC

Ms. Ann Mburu holds a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from SALFORD University in the UK. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Government from the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

Ann has attended various Management/Leadership courses to include: Change Management from the Royal Institute in the UK, Labour Management Course under the World Bank in Washington – USA, Strategic Management Skills from University of Connecticut USA, Strategic Planning Course from University of Wits Waterberg in South Africa, Strategic Leadership program from Kenya School of Government, Gender Mainstreaming Management from East and Southern African Management Institute, among others.

Ms Mburu has worked as a Management Consultant in the Management Consultancy Services under the Office of the President, Directorate of Public Service Management.

She has also worked as a Director of Human Resource Management and Development, last appointment being the State Department for Planning before joining Kenya National Bureau of Statistics as a Director, Corporate Services.

Mr. Robert King’ori Nderitu, OGW


Mr. Robert Nderitu is a statistician by profession and holds a Master of Science Degree (Statistics) from Kenyatta University. He has more than twenty (20) years’ experience in the field of Statistics and through appropriate training and experience both locally and internationally, has been undertaking duties related to production and management of Statistics. This includes; preparing concept papers and proposals; providing economic planning, analytical, statistical, demographic and other related services; designing and maintaining business register and sampling frames; designing data collection instruments; designing surveys and censuses; collecting and analyzing statistics on various thematic areas; monitoring living conditions by collecting, compiling and disseminating data on Consumer Price Indices (CPI) as well as income and expenditure levels; and compiling other development Indexes including Human Development Indexes.

He is currently in-charge of Production Statistics Directorate whose mandate involves collection, analysis, generation and dissemination of statistics in the areas of Labour, Prices, Industrial, Agriculture and Livestock, Environment and Nutrition statistics. The National Information Platform for Food and Nutrition (NIPFN) Project which aims at promoting stakeholders dialogue and strengthen national capacity to manage and analyse existing information and data from all sectors that influence food security and nutrition to better inform decision making & improve nutrition and food security is also implemented from the directorate. He also coordinates the monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at KNBS.

He has represented the KNBS on several technical groups, committees and international conferences and in his line of duty, has worked closely with various international organization including the World Bank and the International Labour Organization. He has also offered technical support to several statistical offices including those of Malawi, Swaziland and Timor Leste.

Nderitu has undertaken various courses related to production of statistics, cooperate governance, strategic management, risk management and strategic leadership inside and outside Kenya over the years. He is a qualified quality management system internal auditor and heads a team of champions in implementing the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in the Bureau. He is a member of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH). He is an accredited statistician with Kenya National Statistics Society and was honoured with a State Award; The Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) of Kenya in 2019 as a result of his exemplary work in Statistics.

Mr. Mathew Collins Omondi

Top Management
Mr Collins Omondi
Mr Collins Omondi has a vast experience in Statistics, Economics and Data Management Skills drawn from over 19 years of work experience with the statistics Institution. He holds Master of Arts in Economics (University of Nairobi) and Bachelor of Science in Statistics (University of Nairobi). He has attended and participated in various Macroeconomics statistics related forums both locally and internationally.
He heads Macroeconomics statistics Directorate responsible for coordination, collection, analyses, generation and dissemination of macroeconomic statistics in the following main areas: National Accounts, External sector statistics, Monetary and Financial statistics, Public Finance, Tourism and migration, and Transport, Storage and Communications statistics.

Mr. Macdonald George Obudho, MBS

Top Management
Macdonald George Obudho

Macdonald G. Obudho joined Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in 1995. He holds a Master of Science degree in Statistics from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the same university. He is currently pursuing PhD course in statistics.

He has risen through the ranks from Economist/Statistician II (2) to the current position of Director General. Mr. Obudho has vast experience in conducting population and housing censuses including the first ever Kenyan digital census that was conducted in 2019. He has competency in designing and carrying out statistical sample surveys and compilation of official statistics. He has successfully spearheaded many surveys in the areas of demography and social statistics.

From his statistical background, he is experienced in designing and creating different types of statistical household sampling frames. He also served in the KNBS field offices and later coordinated them for many years. His experience in top management spans over 13 years. He has a number of certificates under his name that arise from short and long courses, workshops, conferences and seminars attended both locally and abroad.

He serves in a number of Boards including Hazina SACCO Ltd. As a result of exemplary work in design and execution of the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census, Mr. Obudho was honoured with a State Award; The Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (MBS).


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